Good News For Frequent Travelers: JetBlue Offers An “All Your Pet Can Jet Pass”

Are you a frequent traveler with a globetrotter for a pet? Excellent news for you, then: this fall you may be able to save a few bucks with JetBlue's just-announced All Your Pet Can Jet pass.

This special deal offers unlimited flights from Sept. 7 - Dec. 31 for pets that meet JetBlue's carry-on and weight requirements. The passes are on sale until Sept. 5 (or until they sell out), and the only destination exceptions are Jamaica, Barbados, and St. Lucia.

Normal pet flights usually cost $100 each way, and considering that this pass even covers holiday blackout dates, it sounds like a pretty sweet deal for small jetsetting cats and dogs.

Find all the details here to see if this deal might work for you, and travel safely, everyone!



PetRelocation Team





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