GPS Tracking for Pets?

We get many calls to our office concerning a local resident who has 'lost their pet' and are seeking help in not only finding them, but to 'relocate' them back to their home! Our company name,, with the words "Pet Relocation" within, often confuses many callers as to what we do. We relocate pets to and from, when our customers are pet moving or relocating to another state or country. Many of these callers think that we rescue pets or that we find lost pets. Maybe in the future, we will offer such services, but as of now we do not. However, I did come across this nifty little gadget that seems to be the perfect tool for those pets that seem to 'escape' from their home environment.

It's the RoamEO, a two-piece system that incorporates a GPS collar and a handheld receiver. (You can probably figure out which one goes on your pet.) The collar blasts out a signal for a mile in all directions, enabling you to track that signal relatively easily. Through the wonders of Global Positioning satellites and other hush-hush examples of modern technology, you can determine just how far away your missing pet is and in what direction you should travel to reclaim the recalcitrant vagrant (or varmint, as the case may be, if you happen to have a guinea pig for a pet).

The RoamEO, which retails for US$500, can be used to create a virtual boundary as well, letting you know when your pet has "jumped the fence." That cost might sound excessive, but true pet-lovers can't put a price on the love and companionship that man's or woman's best friends bring to their lives. Pet owners, take heart: The RoamEO runs on rechargeable batteriesthat's a cost-saving, at least.

The RoamEO also:

* Locates your pet within one mile in all directions and displays this information on a color LCD screen.
* Displays your pet's exact location, current movements, and velocity.
* Create your own customized GPS Fence that will result in an audible alert if your pet leaves the defined perimeter.
* Can track up to three pets simultaneously.
* Easy to use: no installation required; no third party services necessary.

We are hoping for this product to come out for international tracking, but a mile from home is not a bad option for now!


PetRelocation Team




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