Ground Transport with Pets Through Central America

Name: April
Number of Pets: 7
Pet Type: Dogs
Pet Breed: Rescues mostly :)
From: Mexico
To: Nicaragua


Dear PetRelocation,

We are wanting to drive from Mexico to Nicaragua when we move there this summer. Thing is we are dog LOVERS and have somehow ended up with 7 dogs!! We rescue so many litters of puppies then can't find homes for them all, etc. but these are our fur children and where we go they go!

Just wondering aside from the logistics and cautions what do they need technically to pass through Central America? I moved my Pug/Boston Ruby to Mexico with me 4 years ago so I am familiar with the vaccinations, etc. but I read that for Nicaragua they need microchips also?

I would be so grateful for your help in ensuring we make it to our new home as problem free as possible :)



Hi April,

Thanks for contacting us, we'd be happy to offer some advice to a fellow passionate pet lover!

It looks like, to enter Nicaragua, you just need to have vet health certificates and proof of updated rabies vaccines for your pets. We often suggest that our clients have their pets microchipped, but in this case it won't be absolutely necessary. Here's a link from the USDA with an overview of Nicaragua pet import requirements to give you a general idea of what to expect.

When traveling, microchips simply provide a back-up source of identification in case you're separated from one of your dogs. (It doesn't hurt to be well-prepared, even if you never end up needing to use a microchip.)

It's also a good practice, if you have any doubts, to contact your destination country's Ministry of Agriculture to find out about the most current pet import rules and requirements. Finally, take a look at these tips for safe car travel with pets -- some of this information might come in handy for your trip.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have more questions, and good luck relocating your group!


PetRelocation Team




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