Ground VS Air Transportation

When pet transport relocating domestically with the beloved family pet, there are a number of options for getting him/her to your new residence. The safest, most stress free way for any animal to pet travel is riding shotgun in a vehicle that their owner is operating. This way, the owner can accommodate his/her pet's needs while having a reliable traveling companion. Many people who are unable to drive their pets to their destination assume that hiring a company to make the drive is the next best option. This is not true. If you think about it logically, your pet will be in a strange vehicle with a stranger for up to 3-7 days. There will be weird smells, strange sounds, accelerating, breaking, potty breaks, and many other variables that, over the course of 7 days, can add up to a very stressed out animal. The next best option for the animal is to simply fly. There are many horror stories regarding the safety of animals traveling via air. The statistics show that there are more human fatalities per month (132 human fatalities occurred in the air during the month of January 2007) compared to animal deaths (1 animal death for the same month of January 2007). There are steps that can be taken to assure your animal has a stress free flight. The most import step is to have your animal acclimated to his/her crate (see "A Few pointers on Preparing your Pet For Travel"). In addition many airlines have taken note of the recent trend in pet ownership. A handful of progressive airlines have in turn "stepped up their game", putting forth the necessary energy needed to ensure that all animals are flown in a safe, climate controlled environment.
So if you're relocating to the other side of the country and are unable to make the "long haul" with the family pet(s) remember that flying is now a safe option!!


PetRelocation Team




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