Guide Dogs on Planes!

Pet Travelers who rely on guide dogs, can now fly with their canine friends in the cabin on certain pet flights from Glasgow Airport.

Announcing the scheme this week, the airport said that it has registered for the Pet Travel Scheme to allow holidaymakers to have their guide dogs in the cabin with them when traveling to and from certain destinations within Europe.

Previously, passengers had to fly back via another airport approved under the scheme, but they can now do so to and from Glasgow Airport directly.

Gordon Dewar, managing director of Glasgow Airport, said that the Pet Travel Scheme "gives [blind and visually impaired] passengers the freedom to fly and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their guide dog or assistance dog is safely by their side on board the aircraft cabin".

Last month, Virgin Atlantic announced that its flights from Heathrow Airport to Dubai now fall under the Pet Travel Scheme!


PetRelocation Team




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