Guinea Pigs to Frankfurt, Germany?  No Problem! - If you are wondering how to send a Guinea pig to Frankfurt -- it can be done with pet transport. Here are the requirements for sending a guinea pig as cargo to Frankfurt, from our friends at Animal Ark.

Documents Required:
USDA - APHIS - 7001 health certificate
USDA endorsement
Journey Declaration
Copy of owner's passport

We used a cat crate approximately 24x16.5x14 inches. Duct taped the openings on the sides and back to avoid drafts and screening on the front of the crate. We then added a rodent water bottle on outside with attachable dish inside to catch any leaks so crate stayed dry.

Inside we used absorbent bedding material, timothy hay and lots of romaine lettuce, carrots for the moisture plus included the food pellets. The guinea pigs fared well with the travel and are now home in Frankfurt.


PetRelocation Team




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