Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day! Meet Some of our Favorite Office Pups

Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day, which means workplaces around the country will be celebrating four-legged pals and welcoming them to bring a little fun to the 8-5 routine. PetRelocation is lucky to be pet friendly every day -- we keep a "dog calendar" where employees can claim days and take turns bringing their pups in. Having dogs in the office helps remind us that what we do is important, and it helps keep things interesting, too.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram for all our office snapshots (most of them feature cute furry faces, of course), and scroll down to meet a few of our favorite PetRelocation dogs. What would we do without these guys?


Benni, one of our most frequently-visiting office pups, loves road trips, chasing birds, catching Frisbees, and swimming in any body of water he can find.



Henry, (who reminds us that naps are good for the soul) loves to play outside and thinks every toy is called "duck."



Luna and Clooney love to snuggle and wrestle together, and when they're not working hard at the office they enjoy off-leash hikes.



Reba (who looks like a muppet, don't you think?) sleeps with all four legs in the air, and she's been known to use her nose to blow bubbles in her water bowl.



Gypsy's nickname is Roomba, because she cleans up floor crumbs like a vacuum.



Jackson is a great office pal, and in his free time likes swimming, rolling in the mud (especially right after a bath), and assisting in the kitchen by eating the scraps that fall on the floor.



Stryker loves hanging out with people, eating carrots and playing with cats. He also likes car rides and being blow-dried (he has pretty nice hair, as you can see).



Aston is known for her excellent work ethic, winning personality, and spot-on fashion sense. She also has a sense of humor -- last Halloween she dressed as a hot dog.



Have a happy Friday and a great weekend, everyone!


PetRelocation Team




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