Happy Valentine’s Day From The Pets of PetRelocation!

The employees of PetRelocation love getting to know our clients' pets as we help them travel the world safely, and most of us have adorable pets of our own who we're happy to show off anytime.

In honor of the sweetest holiday, here's a look at some of the cute faces we come home to each night. Happy Valentine's Day, pet lovers!


Reba! This Muppet look-alike belongs to Sarah S.



Marissa's dog Rocky lives with her parents in England (where it's been snowing like crazy)



Claire has worked with the German Shepherd Rescue of Central Texas over the last few years, and here she is with her own two pups, Zuri And Banjo



Tucker is a Schnoodle and belongs to Daniel



Marissa also has a cat named Rhett



Keith & Sherlock



Vivian belongs to (and is adored by) Jeana



Maegan & Benni (and a giant squirrel)



Tucker belongs to Matt K.



Ashley has three pups in her crew: George, Riley & Aston



Bethany & Gilligan



Lenneke & Oakley



Rachel's boy Charlie



Mandy's doggie Jackson



Tyler & Alex



Sarah R.'s dogs, Jack & Duna




Kitty & Sasha are Lauren's two gals




Raef belongs to Caitlin



Ramesses is Tyler's #1 kitty




Amber & Copano



And these pups are actually just friends of Amber's, but this pic was too perfect not to share!


Thanks for getting to know our pets a little better, and feel free to share your own V-Day pet pictures with us on Facebook or Twitter!



PetRelocation Team




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