Has your dog tried “Dog Sushi?”

A new Austin, Texas company has let sushi go to the dogs—literally!  SAD Dog Sushi is marketing a new “Species Appropriate Diet” for dogs in the form of raw, grain-free foods made into sushi plates for pooches.

As a recent convert to eating only grass-fed meats, this seems ideal to me if you’re concerned about the long-term ill-effects of feeding your pet “over-the-counter” pet food.  Many dietary problems like kidney and liver infections are often the results of feeding poor quality foods. 

The cool thing about pet friendly SAD Dog Sushi is that they will create a meal for your pet baed on his weight and deliver it right to your door (free if you live in Austin)!  It sounds like some dogs in Austin are eating better than I am!

Check out SAD Dog’s Sushi Bar here.


PetRelocation Team




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