Helping pets cope with stress when renovating or moving!

If you've recently moved and are thinking about remodeling or renovating your new house, be sure to stop by The Renovator's Wife Blog (great name!).  She's got some great tips on how to renovate your home while keeping your pets calm.

She also has some interesting thoughts on moving with pets:

Moving, of course, is a bit more problematic. Nothing like changing absolutely everything! My strategy this time around is to take them at the last minute. There will be no furniture here and they will be stressed, but I look at it from this perspective – if they are in a house they know and they are with The Renovator and I, that's got to be easier than going to a house they don't know (even if our stuff is there) and having us leave them for a few hours to come back and clean this house. Thus my strategy. Ultimately, whether you're renovating or moving, chat to your vet. That's why I use these techniques with our girls – they've been incredibly helpful and I've yet to meet a vet who isn't compassionate to pets dealing with change. Find out what's right for your specific situation and your 4-legged children. And if you start being criticized for babying your pets, let me know – we'll start a therapy group together!


Her advice to talk with your vet is key!  While professional pet shipping services like ours are helpful, it's important to consult with your vet prior to making any big moves!


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