Hilton Hotels and Pets!!

Hilton Hotels Launch Pet-Friendly Program

Partnership with Pet Shelters Across America benefits homeless cats and dogs.

By Soraya Gutierrez Posted: June 21, 2008 2 a.m. EDT

Pet concierge services, plush cat and dog beds, food and water bowls are among the luxuries that Hilton Hotels and Resorts plans to provide this summer. For the not-so-lucky cats and dogs that await adoption at shelters, Hilton announced a new partnership with Pet Shelters Across America (PSAA), a sheltering organization that finds homes for animals in need.

PSAA helped Hilton in developing the upcoming Pet Friendly program, including offering pet travel tips and vaccination information. In turn, Hilton will donate $500,000 over three years to support the animal organizations more than 70 member shelter locations across the United States.

In addition, various Hiltons will donate sheets and towels to PSAA members to address one of the most common needs of pet shelters. HiltonҒs sponsorship also will help support PSAAs efforts in promoting animal adoptions from humane organizations; offering subsidized spay and neuter programs; helping to microchip animals so they can be reunited with their owners in the event they get lost; and encouraging best practices in human and animal health programs.

ғWith Hiltons support,Ҕ said Kathryn Wright Warnick, PSAA president, our shelters will be able to better care for millions of lost, abandoned and surrendered animals and will have additional resources at our disposal to educate and encourage children and adults on the humane treatment of animals and how to become responsible pet owners.Ӕ

To accommodate hotel guests traveling with pets, Hilton recently launched Hilton: Pet Friendly, a program designed to ease pet travel. Beginning this summer, cats and dogs are welcome at most Hilton Hotels & Resorts throughout the United States and Canada. The program will roll out internationally later this year. A service fee applies for pet-friendly rooms.

When we created HiltonӒs Pet Friendly program, said Jeff Diskin, HiltonԒs senior vice president of brand management, we recognized the importance of aligning ourselves with an organization that provides shelter to pets that donӒt have the luxury of a caring owner or a warm bed. Through our sponsorship of PSAA we are helping provide shelter to pets in need and in turn learning how to be better hosts to our furry, four-legged hotel guests.


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