Holiday Pet Tips: A Last-Minute Check List

Many of us will be loading our pets into the car and hitting the road within the next few days, so in addition to the holiday pet tips we’ve already offered, we thought we’d throw a few more gift ideas and travel advice your way (because when it comes to your pets’ well-being, you can never be too prepared).

-Avoid decorations that are tempting, hazardous and possibly in reach of your pet (tinsel, for example, can be very dangerous if ingested). Breakable ornaments are also risky, so make sure they’re up high if you have any at all.

-If you have a Christmas tree, be sure it can’t be toppled over easily by anchoring it down. Hide all electrical cords away, too, as they can be very attractive to cats and puppies who like to chew.

-If you bring your pets with you to visit friends or family, remember the importance of identification. Tags, microchips, up-to-date pictures and copies of health records are all good to have.

-If you decide to leave your pets behind when you travel (let’s face it, most cats and many dogs would prefer not to have to hit the road at all), be sure to check out the kennel facility carefully or leave plenty of detailed information for your pet sitters.

-Travel safely! Pets that roam loose through the car can be a dangerous distraction. Whether you put up a gate or buy a harness, be sure to restrain your furry friend while you drive.

-Do you have a worrier on your hands? Thundershirts can supposedly help calm a pet’s nerves, and we recently heard about these CDs that help dogs get over their fear of loud noises. Might be worth checking into!

keep calm and wak the dog

If all else fails, remember the basics.

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