Honoring Robert, Our Office Hamster

robertWe have a sad update today: Our office hamster Robert passed away over the weekend.

Anyone who regularly follows us knows this little guy was a big part of our lives here at PetRelocation. Doted on by his main caretaker and deskmate Tobi and greatly loved by all of us, Robert brought a spark of life and sense of fun to the Client Care wing.

Here's what Tobi wrote about Robert earlier this year: "I met Robert when he came to the PetRelocation office to be the deskmate of a former employee.  When she went to graduate school, I took over caring for him. I knew right away that he was special and I look forward to seeing him every day on the desk we share."

To honor Robert's memory, many of us will be donating to a project called Pets in the Classroom. This program exists to help children build their nurturing and relationship skills by placing a pet (such as a sweet hamster) in the classroom. Please donate here if you'd like to join us in supporting this worthwhile, pet-positive project.

Thanks for all the joy you brought us, Robert. We'll miss you!


PetRelocation Team




United States
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