Horse-Friendly Colleges & Horse Pet Travel Tips

Just as pet travel isn't confined to moving dogs and cats, pet-friendly colleges allow more than just these "traditional" companions on campuses. In the pet-friendly university spotlights we've published so far, we've seen that Stephens College and Eckerd College open their doors to various furry, fuzzy and feathery friends, but what about those larger animals that can be just as important in the lives of students?

Because of all the training, riding, grooming and competing that goes along with owning a horse, it's easy to understand why high school students would have trouble leaving theirs behind once it's time to head off to college. Luckily there are a few horse-friendly colleges out there that allow these young equestrians to continue their favorite hobby as they begin their higher education.

First up is Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR. Students interested in enrolling in the Equine Science Program may apply to board their horse at the school's facilities, and acceptance is based on the students' previous involvement in equine activities as well as letters of recommendation and level of skill.

Students must possess "intermediate or better" equestrian skills, and horses must have the demonstrated skills to pass the CHA-certified Horsemanship test level 3. The OSU Horse Center is open to the public and hosts a number of teaching activities throughout the year; check out a tour of the facility in the video below.
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OSU Horse Center Virtual Tour

Another school that opens its doors to horses is Sweet Briar College in Sweet Briar, VA. Not only does this women's college offer riding classes for newbies, fun riding events and opportunities for competition, they accept horses for boarding as well. Sounds like a great place to be for students wanting to stay connected to a beloved horse or who want to have the option to try something new when it's time for a study break.

There are several more horse-friendly schools out there, which makes the issue of horse travel an important one. Take a look at our tips for transporting horses, and feel free to share any related stories or photos with us here or on Facebook. Happy trails, everyone!


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