“How do we move our dog to Italy?”

Name: Cecile
From: Cape Town, South Africa
To: Rome, Italy
Pet: Shumba (Rhodesian Ridgeback)

Dear PetRelocation,
We're relocating to Italy with our furry-baby, what must we do to do that? Requirements, procedures? Thank you!

Hi Cecile,
Thank you for contacting us with your pet travel question, we'd be happy to offer some advice. First, take a look at the pet import requirements for Italy for an idea of the process.
Moving your furbaby to Italy means you'll need a microchip, updated vaccinations and a health certificate. The documents will also need to be endorsed by local authorities (the South Africa equivalent of the USDA). You'll want to secure the right pet travel crate and book a flight with a pet friendly airline, as well. We often use KLM and Lufthansa, for example, due to their pet friendly procedures and experience with moving animals.
Talk to your vet about setting up a plan to get your dog ready, or if you'd like our relocation assistance, please fill out our free quote form.
This should help get you started, but remember that pet travel can be complicated so it's normal to feel overwhelmed. Luckily there are plenty of resources our there to help... Thanks again for getting in touch with us, and good luck with your upcoming travels!


PetRelocation Team




Italy, South Africa
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