How do you relocate a UT Longhorn from Texas to California?

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Answer:  Very carefully.

Since we're based in pet friendly Austin, the home city of the University of Texas, there's a lot of burnt orange in here today (psst - check out our blog header)!  All of this football fever got me thinking: who's in charge of Bevo's pet move when it comes time for him to travel?

As it turns out, it's not just one person - thirty six people rode shotgun with Bevo when he was trailered from Austin to California for the BCS National Championship game against Alabama.  That's a lot of Horns!  Photojournalists from the Austin American Statesman even traveled along with Bevo and created a photo diary of Bevo's big trip to Simi Valley.  You can view the gallery on the Statesman website here.

The Ventura County Star has more:

Bevo began his trip from Austin on Saturday with a 36-person entourage and traveled more than 1,400 miles with several stops for exercise through Arizona and Nevada to California.  Bevo...arrived Tuesday night in a personalized bright orange trailer emblazoned with his name at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch, a sprawling 140-acre property on Kuehner Drive.  He was escorted by members of the Silver Spurs, an honorary organization of undergraduate students at the university who are tasked with Bevo's care.

A true Longhorn, Bevo's been mostly eating and drinking since he arrived in California, although he did have a "promotional gig" on last night.  Which brings up more questions about what kind of rockstar life Bevo must be living -- a red-carpet club opening? Photoshoot on top of a hotel rooof?  Inquiring fans want to know!

Anyway, we hope Bevo's feeling well rested and is ready for the big gameafter the pet travel.  And, since it needs to be said:

Hook 'em Horns!



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