“How Much to Ship a Puppy?” Puppy Scams Cost Pet Lovers Thousands

Be Careful When Buying Puppies Online

You've gone online to search for a puppy and stumbled across a free Yorkie puppy named "Romeo."  Or maybe it's an adorable English Bulldog puppy with droopy eyes, or a free Pomeranian puppy named "Candy."  It might even be a free Persian or Siberian kitten or an African Grey Parrot.

The best part? The owners of the pet aren't asking for any money -- except for the shipping costs. 

Sometimes there's a sad story that goes along with the puppies, too. The puppy's owner will tell you that their daughter died and it was her puppy, or that they are adopting an orphan and won't have time to care for the puppy.

They'll probably ask you some questions meant to pull at your heartstrings and make you want to qualify to get this free puppy:

  • "Where are you located?"
  • "Are you a breeder?"
  • "Do you have kids?"
  • "Can you also promise that you will take good care of him/her?"


But they want some money to ship the puppy, and they want it sent through Western Union or MoneyGram. Many times they want you to send this money to somewhere like Cameroon, or sometimes it will be California or another US state.

Every day, PetRelocation takes phone calls from people who have been victims of puppy scams. It all seems so reasonable, just to pay the shipping costs. People want to know how much PetRelocation will charge to arrange the shipping and we have to explain that there is no puppy. The puppy scammers will not release the puppy to a reputable company like ours because the puppy does not exist. They only want to get your money, however small amount, in cash.

Here are some names of fraudulent companies and email addresses we have identified:














UPDATE: Please Read!

Comments Policy
If you have been scammed by a puppy shipper, feel free to post your correspondence in the "comments" section below this post as others have done, as it will help to deter the criminals. 

However, please delete any of your own personal contact information from the correspondence you are copy/pasting into your comment prior to posting your comment.

Many scammers are considered to be dangerous and it is important not to publish your name, address and phone number online. If you have posted your own information and would like it removed, please email us (blog[at]petrelocation[dot]com) to let us know your name and the information you'd like removed.

"I have been scammed, what can I do to report the scammer?"

1.  Put as much information about the scammer as possible in the comments section below, including:

  • Email address of the scammer

  • Western Union name that the money was sent to (or that they asked the money be sent to)

  • Phone numbers/addresses given by the scammer

  • Any other information

2.  Fax a letter of complaint to the US Embassy in Cameroon (if you were scammed by someone in Cameroon):

The United States Embassy in Cameroon
Phone: (237) 2220-1500
Fax (237) 2220-1500x4531

3. File a report with your local law enforcement and with your local FBI office.

Read more about puppy scams on our blog and via IPATA.org, and if you run across a scammer who claims to be using our company to ship you a nonexistant pet, feel free to contact us and let us know!


Editor's Note: This post was originally published in May 2010 and has been updated with new information.


PetRelocation Team





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By on August 19, 2009 at 10:30 am

my wife has been searching the net for a english bulldog puppy and listed in our local area was a free puppy to a good and loving home, she stated the she was going to germany for 2 years and could'nt take her puppy due to the cost.. when we e-mailed her, she was not local like her ad stated , she was out of washington d.c.... after several e-mails reguarding shipping instructions it was then learned that the  puppy would be shipped out of cameroon.. where the heck is cameroon??, she then stated that the cost of shipping the puppy was $200.00 payable through western union.. after a few more e-mails and phone calls  we didnt feel right about this, so.. thanks to your web site , you have opened our eyes on a bitter sweet scam that we almost fell for,,     i thank you so very much,       



By Pet Relocation on August 19, 2009 at 12:05 pm

I'm glad we were able to prevent you from getting scammed!


By on August 9, 2009 at 4:51 pm

I recieved hese emails today... thnkafully I didn't send the money.... the add was posted on buysell.com

hi there,

Thanks for the mail and the interest in my baby puppy.
she is still ready to go in to a new home and Spectacular pure breed
CKC registered with all shots,vaccines and vet records updated.. In
placing my puppy out for adoption,I am looking for
reasonable,knowledgeable and cautious person who can offer her
tenderness,nursery with lots of love kisses and hugs.I am not giving
her out for sale.she is up for adoption..These adorable,cute and
gorgeous puppy is 9weeks old and would be the perfect match for
you.She will be the best playmate you've ever dream of.With her
great personality and good temperaments with kids and other pets,she
would be the one to steal your soul.she would be coming along with
her vet records,and all her CKC registration papers attached to
her package with lots of play toys.You have nothing to worry about
because i will also enclose her hand book and feeding menu to her
package ok.Promise me that you would shower her with lots of TLC
And i would never like that my baby should end up in a shelter or
rescue.,feel free to mail me.If you are willing to get her,please
e-mail me asap so that i would stop all other contacts .If you have
any more question to ask i will answer you truthfully and faithfully
.........I would like to ask you some few questions if you do not

1...Are you a breeder??
2..have you been keeping pets??
3..Do you have kids at home?
4...Are you going to keep her or give her to someone?
5...Where are you located precisely?
Awaiting your kind response
   the second one said this

Hi there,
I am so glad to read from you in regards to the puppy again,
We will not like to hear that the puppy has been sent to a shelter or
Kennel as i believe this little baby will be with you all the time to
play with your kids and other house hold animals spectacular
Birds,Cats,Monkeys and even Horses, so in case you may have this
animals in your home then be sure that this puppy goes well with all
of them.I am presently now in Quebec Canada
,so it is very far to come for pick up,i am desperate in getting her to you,since she is
very lonely at home while i go to work,i am ready to make all
necessary arrangements for her to be delivered to you today or any
time that is ok by you,it will cost you $180 and i will be sending
this puppy to you along side with all necessary documents and all
other health certificate in my disposal,her blankets and cage will
also be sent.So during this process the necessary information will be
needed from you,it will be highly needed by the deliveries to locate
your area for home delivery,
Your Names In full,
Your Post Code,
House Address,
Land line Number Numbers,
Mobile Number.
As soon as i have all this information from you,i shall haste
any time of your choice to the delivery  agency and
book a flight delivery schedule to your location . You will be making in
the payments directly to the delivery agency,payments of $180 shall be
made upfront as soon as they contact you,since they will contact you
via Email or Phone Number..They will let you know all details on how
payments and delivery to your door steps will be done,please do keep
to your promise of sending updated pictures?I have also attach some
recent pictures of her to you,hope you like it?


By on August 4, 2009 at 1:05 pm

i recieved this email from a scammer, please be aware of this  IDENTIFICATION OF recipient

Puppy, documents and information

This is a female Bichon frise  puppy with the name tag"solly" and she will be coming along side the following items
- Blanket
- Birth certificate
- Pet-passport
-Feeding menu

Note however, that we can not procced with transportation  unless the payment of £120 is made. This amount covers the costs of transport and  money for routine medical examination.
Payment Method
Considering your  location and time of delivery,  the payment must be made through MoneyGram transfer


You shall be making payments to our office at liverpool who's unit is incharge of such transactions within the United Kingdom. Visit the Moneygram agent nearest to your location and transfer the money using the following information:

Name :..................Tamukong Gaston
Address :............. 10 hope St. road Merseyside
City :..................  Liverpool
Zip ....................  L36 7TL
Country :............ United Kingdom

Below is a list of Money Gram agents in your locality where the payment can be made. Visit any of them and do the payments there.













Contact us when payment is made. Scan and send a copy of the payment receipt from MoneyGram for our confirmation.OR, you send us the following information exactly as they appears  on the MoneyGram receipt

- The full name of the sender
- 08 digits MoneyGram Reference Number
When payment is confirmed, your dog will be scheduled for transportation today and all details will be communicated to you ;
the flight number, departure time, arrival time, and Airway Bill number for the follow.
Make sure you are at home with your identification documents to sign the delivery invoice.






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