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I am inquiring on behalf of my daughter, who is living with her dog in Singapore. She is going with her dog for two years to Ningbo, China, and from there she will go to Adelaide, Australia.

As I understand, the quarantine period in Australia is 180 days. Is there any way that this quarantine period can be shortened?





Hi Bernett,

This is a great question! The import requirements for pets going to Australia are certainly complicated (and even intimidating) and we're happy to shed some light on how things work.

First, please let your daughter know that pets cannot travel directly from China to Australia. Australia is very strict because it's a rabies free country, and direct entry isn't possible from countries with higher rates of rabies. The dog may come directly from Singapore, but not China, unfortunately. Please refer to the official Australia website here for more information.

Essentially, this means your daughter will need to return to Singapore (or another approved country) for several weeks before the move or the dog will need to stay in Singapore altogether.

For more detailed information , take a look at our comprehensive guide for pet travel to Australia. As you'll see, though the process can be long it's not impossible. As for quarantine, the 180 day period only includes 10 days in which pets must remain in a quarantine facility onsite in Melbourne. The preceding days consist of fulfilling the rabies vaccine requirements, parasite treatments, etc. and pets stay at home (in the country of origin) with their owners during this time.

Just let us know if you have further questions or if you'd like to enlist our help with your dog's move. We're happy to assist with your daughter's relocation to Australia!


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Name: Bernett
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Pet Breed: English Springer Spaniel
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To: Adelaide, Australia


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