How to Move a Dog from Australia to Korea (and Back)

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I am an Australian who works in South Korea and have decided to move my dog over with me. At the moment my dog is still in Australia. I will be in Australia in a few days and wish to bring her back with me to South Korea on Tuesday the 10th of September. That is exactly 15 days from now. What do I have to do to bring her over with me? Is that enough time to make it happen? Once my dog is in South Korea does she have to be in quarantine in South Korea?

Does my dog have to be in South Korea for a certain amount of time before she is allowed back into Australia? How long does she have to be in quarantine for when it's time to move back to Australia? I've heard six months but I'm not exactly sure? And is all of that quarantine time spent in Australia? Is quarantine expensive? How much is it per day? Would really appreciate if you could help me out.

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Hi Troy,

To start, check out the pet import requirements for South Korea. Because your dog is coming from Australia, a rabies-free country, she should only need a microchip and an International Health Certificate which states that she is healthy enough to fly and which has been issued within 10 days of her travel. Assuming that your dog meets these requirements, she shouldn't have to stay in quarantine in South Korea.

Fifteen days is short notice as far as pet shipping goes, but the above mentioned health inspection and microchipping can probably be completed in one day, so it might be possible for your dog to fly back to Korea with you on September 10th. In order to fly, you will also need an airline-approved travel crate that is one size larger than your dog's size would normally require (as Bulldogs are often more sensitive travelers) and you will need to make travel arrangements for your dog with your airline.

To prepare for your eventual return to Australia, take a look at the national pet import requirements. You'll see that there is quite a long timeline for planning a pet move to Australia, including a 190-day quarantine period that begins on the day your dog's blood is drawn for the rabies titer test. The first 180 days of quarantine may be served at home in South Korea, while the final 10 days must be served in an approved Australian quarantine facility (here's a link to information about quarantine fees). Check out the Australian government's guide to moving pets to Australia from South Korea for more information.

If you think you might like assistance with either move, fill out our online consultation form to be in contact with a pet transport specialist. Thanks for your questions and good luck with your move(s)!


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