I simply can’t say enough about your service!

I simply can't say enough about your service. I was relocating from the USA to the UK and there is a 'dangerous dogs' act in the UK. My dog, Jesse, is an American Staffordshire mix and, although she is not a banned breed in the UK, my husband and I were not even able to board her onto a flight to the UK on our own. To say I was devastated would be putting it mildly. We called PetRelocation in the hopes that professionals would have better luck in her relocation than we did and it was the best thing that we ever did. Your staff was professional and courteous and our consultant, Matt Kincaid, was absolutely fantastic.

He was very patient with me and explained every little thing each step of the way. He called and emailed me regularly with updates so that I was never left wondering about anything. The move for Jesse was easy and safe for all concerned from her pick up to her arrival. Jesse is now doing very well in her new home in Wales. She's been to the beach for long walks with us and has loved every minute of it. We are one very happy family again.

Thank you again for your service and for your follow-up email.


J.S. Gilmour


PetRelocation Team




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