India and Pets!

The oldest civilizations of mankind existed in this region. India is a large democratic country, which is taking care of many religions, languages and cultures for ages. The contributions to Science and Mathematics from ancient Indian scientists are innumerable. The country has given birth to many religions like Buddhism, Jainism and continues to spread them internally and externally. A country that has the ability to bring peace to the world through its practices such as Yoga and Ayurveda India is a jewel of the world.

The country's new boom of software industry has taken its economy to great heights and India is waiting to emerge as a superpower in coming years. A country that has immense availability of manpower and skilled labor the country is getting every job in the current IT and ITES Company.

Also the country has a huge film industry called the Bollywood with more than 100 films getting released every year.

Apart from its growing economy the country has a lot of flora and fauna across the geography and there are many tourist attractions all around. Starting from the Himalayas in the north and Thar Desert in its west to the Tigers of Bengal in east and the meeting point of 3 seas at the bottom of the peninsula the country has lots to see and enjoy.

The tourists in India can easily mange their movement through railways, which connect the entire country. There are good hotels available across the country in the main cities or towns and stay can be quite pleasant if you get into the right hotel. The people in the country are kind hearted and helpful and there is nothing money canҒt buy in this country. So you know what to do when you are stuck.

The Indian people are kind and helpful and the help gets extended very easily to your buddy as well. Many hotels would not restrict you from carrying your buddy around you as long as he is well behaved. A big tip to one of your attendants in the hotel would mean a lot of luxury for you and may be a sweet bath and care taking for your pet as well.

Safety of your cute pet is your own responsibility. If your buddy is of the nomad type it wont take long for the local dogs to take him away for a ride. And then you may have to groom a crossbreed puppy of your cute pet and a roadside Indian dog!!!

It's advised to keep your pet leashed always and give him good healthy food.  Vaccination is a very important part of your journey and make sure your pet is not left alone at any point in time.

As far as the importance and visibility your buddy gets on the street you will not have any concerns as he will walk proud amidst those surprise struck Indian kids and people.I am sure your puppy wouldn't feel less than a king when he is out.

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