Indian Nirvana for Your Dogs

India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world right now, and is therefore one of the hot spots where every western business is planning an office or a factory. So do not be surprised if your company suddenly decides to send you, to India for an year or so to contribute to the growth of its new Indian set up.

In India, it is not to hard to maintain a lifestyle similar to what you have at home, since almost everything, ranging from Big Macs to Subway sandwiches and Tommy Hilfiger clothing to Nike shoes can be easily purchased in most of Indias larger cities. Almost all-major American brand foods, ranging from Kelloggs to Hersheys are easily available, but you will definitely miss WaL Mart. Or may be you wonҒt! Thats because things in India are generally so cheap when compared with stuff back home, that you can maintain a similar lifestyle at less than half the cost.

However while you can make your home in India your personal haven, do not expect to be spared from bad roads, garbage on the streets, beggars, political corruption and extreme poverty. No matter where in India you go, you will come face to face with all of them at one point or the other. Another thing to be wary of are the numerous food and water borne diseases that you might succumb to if you do not take proper care of yourself. Avoid eating out at Indian stalls and restaurants serving Indian food. Because if the bacteria doesnҒt get you, then the chillies definitely will. And anything else than bottled water and drinks are complete no nos.

As far as getting your pet with you to India is concerned, then your pet can be quite happy inIndia as long as it can stand the unbearable heat that is characteristic of most places in India. Heat stroke is a common problem that ails many pets in India, and you should try to keep your dog indoors during heat spells. However, it is nothing serious and your pet will recover very soon with a couple of drinks of water and some rest.

Indians are quite pet friendly and many families keep a number of pets. The law is extremely lax regarding pets and your dog or cat can almost get away with murder, leave alone fouling up a public place. Dogs are not allowed on trains, buses and in holy places, but they have free passage on roads and in parks. Most popular US pet food brands are available in India and your pet will hopefully not be required to make any changes in its diet as a result of the pet transport relocation.

Last but not the least, getting pets into India is quite easy, and you can import up to two pets with you as long as they come accompanied with a health certificate issued by your vet back home.

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