Insure Your Best Friend - With more treatment options available these days for animal diseases such as cancer and kidney failure, it is important to start thinking about what you would do if your best friend was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness or required some sort of surgery.

People with high-dollar animal such as performance horses or show dogs have been insuring the purchase prices or values of their pets for years. However, in the past this did not cover medical expenses for these valued animals. Now, there is an option for the "everyday" pet, who is just as special as a sleek show dog but perhaps does not have a monetary value to insure. These pet insurance companies are covering costly vet bills, prescription medications, spaying/neutering, and more.

Pet insurance companies have been around for several years however they are gaining in popularity as the payments have become less expensive and the rewards have outweighed the small monthly deductibles. Thanks to the internet, getting a quote, researching options and filing claims has also become simpler and has a faster turnaround.

Pets Best
is one such option. They offer two plans, the Pets First plan and the Pets Basic. Pets First offers a lifetime maximum of almost $100,000 of coverage for a dog or a cat. Pets Basic cuts that just about in half at around $40,000. Both cover accidents & injuries as well as routine medical care coverage.


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