International pet relocation: a Shih Tzu relocating to Zambia, Africa via South Africa

I know that Zambia does not have a quarantine, but I know that South Africa has many rules and regulations. I have not been able to decipher their rules. I will be transiting South Africa, landing in Johannesburg with a four hour layover and then going on to Zambia. Can you tell me what to expect from South Africa? - Ronald
Hi Ronald,

Thanks for your online question!  You might want to check out the pet import rules and regulations for South Africa on our website.

Also, I encourage you to become our fan on Facebook where you can bond with other "pet people" via an online, virtual environment!   There's always the possibility of finding another fan who has first hand experience in traveling with pets to South Africa! 

I wish you and your Shih Tzu the best possible journey on your new African adventure!  


PetRelocation Team




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