International pet relocation import requirements for Costa Rica

We are looking at a permanent move to Costa Rica in October or November, 2010. I need to know exactly what I need to do to smoothly and easily be allowed to bring and keep our 1year old miniature poodle, Remy. Does your company obtain and handle the paperwork necessary for Costa Rica, or do you only handle the trasportation piece? Can you advise me in the best way to make this happen?   Thank you in advance!  -Staci

Hi Staci,

Thanks for your online inquiry.  Please review the valuable information regarding import rules and requirements for Costa Rica found on for a complete outline of rules specific to Costa Rica.

Additionally, one of our International Pet Relocation Specialists would be able to manage the necessary paperwork required for your poodle's relocation into Costa Rica as well as facilitate the entire transportation process for your pet!

All the best to you and your mini-poodle's new adventure in Costa Rica!



PetRelocation Team




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