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What do we need to fly our 2 yr old dog to Switzerland? I know he needs a microchip, health certificate, up to date on shots and that kind of stuff, but what supplies and how does that all work? I have read flying in the summer can be hard on the dogs. He is 60 pounds, so he is too big to ride in the cabin (from what I have read).
Hi Kim,

Thanks for your online question! You are correct, your mini-Labradoodle would be too large for in-cabin travel (pet has to be able to fit under seat in front of you IN their travel crate. 

You can find info on import rules and requirements specific to Switzerland  on our website,, as well as interesting facts and stories about the country in general!

Regarding "supplies" needed for dog travel: you will need an airline approved crate.  Should you choose to hire us, we will supply a "welcome pack" that includes the appropriate stickers for the travel kennel, water funnels and trays, as well as identifying tags and stickers for pickup at destination point. 

We fly with preferred pet safe, pet friendly airlines which have established  programs and policies in place regarding temperature controlled travel and safe transport of live animals.   An great example of an airline which has such a program in place is the Continental Airlines Pet Safe Program.

Another article of intrest for relocating your pet during summer months might be our mandatory summer travel requirments for pets. 

Also, please call us at 1-877-PET-MOVE if you would like to explore the option of having one of our phenomenal International Specialists (categorized by region) to facilitate your dog's entire relocation process to Switzerland!

All the best to you and your mini-Labradoodle's brand new, exciting journey to Switzerland! 


PetRelocation Team




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