International Pet Travel to New Zealand: Quarantine requirements for cats

I keep reading about the quarantine at home and after entering New Zealand but how is this quarantine done? Can I keep my cats with me in New Zealand, in an approved hotel for example? Or what? Do they have to reside at a veterinarian? If I reside in the UK first for six months will my cats still be required to do the quarantine? Thanks, Lin
Hi Lin,

Thanks for your inquiry!  We're based in Austin, Texas too!  Please refer to's rules and requirements for importing pets to New Zealand  which can be found here, where everything is detailed and outlined based on a time table.  Basically, you can complete the 180 day pre-export quarantine at home but then there will be a mandatory quarantine upon arrival in New Zealand where your cats will stay at an approved government quarantine station.  
As for what would happen if you went to the UK, you would have to do the same 180 day pre-export quarantine prior to departure, then go to the UK where you would then have to wait another 180 days prior to going to New Zealand.  At that point, you could take your cats into New Zealand without doing the 30 day mandatory quarantine.  But this process would take, in essence, over a year to complete.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions!  I invite you to become a fan of on!  Here you can connect with other pet owners, some who have recently relocated globally with their pets and offer advice, tips and their experiences!

I wish you and your cats a very happy and safe relocation to New Zealand!  


PetRelocation Team




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