Is Pet Travel Tax Deductible?

Hi PetRelocation,

I have a question regarding pet moving tax write-offs.

Someone told me that you can write-off the pet travel expenses and I wanted to confirm that with you guys.

I recently bought an apartment a little less than two years ago here in New York City, and I have two dogs currently in the Philippines (both are 10 months old) living with my wife. My wife will be flying here at the end of this year along with the two dogs and I'm planning on using a pet travel service.

It's so expensive, however I was told that the travel expenses are tax deductible. Is this true? What are the rules regarding this?

Thank you!
Cris L.


Hi Cris,

Thanks for reaching out! It's true that pet relocation expenses are sometimes tax deductible, but as far as we know this can only be applied to relocations for work.

If you or your wife can show that you moved from the Philippines to New York for a new job, then you may be able to claim this deduction. Please read more about pet travel and tax deductions here.

As we mention in the link, you'll want to verify whether or not this deduction is possible with the IRS or with a tax specialist.

Hope this helps, and hope it works out for you! If you find that you need some assistance with your move, please contact us for a pet travel consultation. Either way, good luck with everything.


Pet Travel Question Details:

Name: Cris
Number of Pets: 2
Pet Type: Dogs
From: Philippines
To: New York City


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