It was wonderful to be able to ask all sorts of questions!

I must say that my pets relocation from Caracas, Venezuela to Abu Dhabi in the UAE has been great, it was wonderful to be able to ask all sorts of questions about the relocation no matter how trivial. Matt Kincaid had put me in touch with Felix Delgado who was my local adviser he send a vet to my house so that my cats could get their inoculations, Felix also picked my cats up and returned them to my when they had their blood tests done and their micro chip fitted. As I was busy relocating myself and my belongings Felix organized and delivered the cats travel boxes. I had to leave Venezuela 2 month before my Cats and felix was took care of them after they had to leave my apartment. I have friends that have done the whole process themselves and they had much trouble getting paperwork done. I am glad that I used pet relocation for my animals and should I move again from Abu Dhabi I would not hesitate to use your company again. thank you very much for all your help!

- Stephanie


PetRelocation Team




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