It’s Take Your Dog to Work Day!

In honor of Take Your Dog to Work Day, we'd like to introduce you (or re-introduce you) to some of our favorite office pets.

As you probably know, PetRelocation has a pet friendly office in downtown Austin, TX, and though we do stick to a few rules to avoid chaos, we make our puppy pals a big part of our work lives and find them to be a positive and helpful presence at our pet shipping headquarters.

Let's meet the team!


clementine at work

Tobi has three Basset Hounds (Clementine, Bluebonnet and Gus), and often one or two of them get to come to work with her. :)



Jack belongs to Sarah R., and he too has vast knowledge about shipping pets around the world.



With an HR Director as his mom, Skipper can't help but bring a sense of positive communication to the office, too.



Duna (sister to Jack), acts as a great cheerleader to the Sales Consultants.



Tobi belongs to Maegan (and he's a big fan of the car ride on the way to work in the morning).


leo and edie

Penney and Tom coordinated one day to bring their matching dogs to work (meet Edie and Leo).



Oh, Goonie. She's skilled at keeping meetings on track and has a habit of saying hi to everyone in the office whenever she's here for the day.



Here's Ash showing everyone how to be a peaceful and laid-back coworker.


benni & paul

Benni is a serious sweetie and makes a day at the office feel like a treat.

Did you bring your dog to work with you today? Share your photos with us on Twitter (@PetRelocation) -- we'd love to meet your office dogs, too!


PetRelocation Team




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