Japan: News about Rescue Dogs and How You Can Help

The devastating events of last Friday have left Japan struggling to cope with widespread devastation and unimaginable loss. The rest of the world has stepped up to offer help and the country is trying its best to deal with the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami, however a disaster of this magnitude means they face a long and complex road to recovery.

One such complication has arisen due to Japan's pet import laws. Because the country is somewhat strict when it comes to allowing animals onto the island, the transport of rescue dogs -- who may be able to help locate survivors -- has been delayed. So far dozens of dogs have arrived to help, but several teams from places like the United States and Switzerland are still waiting to enter the country and get to work.

Here's hoping that the logistics are sorted out soon, and in the meantime, remember that every little bit helps. In addition to donating to the Red Cross, you can also give assistance to animal-oriented organizations like World Pet and the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, groups that make a huge difference in the aftermath of catastrophes such as this.

We'll keep you updated regarding any pet travel news as it relates to Japan, and please join us in supporting recovery efforts for as long as help is needed.


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