If you’re relocating to Japan with a pet, you may have heard of a form called the 40-90 day advanced notification. All you need to do is notify the Animal Quarantine Service in Japan when your pet is arriving, right? You may be surprised to hear this crucial part of the relocation process is much more nuanced. 

Q: What is the 40-90 day advanced notification? 
A: The advanced notification is one of the final steps required before your pet leaves for Japan. The form notifies the authorities that your pet is coming and also gives them an opportunity to review your pets’ paperwork. Once approved, they will issue the import permit—giving us permission to send your pet overseas. 

Q: The 40-90 days is a range, right? My pet can arrive into Japan anytime within this time period? 
A: No! This is a very common misconception. Your pet’s arrival date must be exact—meaning many things need to be squared away before the form is submitted. 

Q: When can we submit the advanced notification? 
A: Technically, we may submit the advanced notification as early as 90 days before departure (assuming your pet has already completed the rabies antibody test and is on schedule for the 180 day waiting period thereafter). However, we do not recommend completing the form this early. We typically submit the advanced notification 40 days (keeping in mind Japan’s time difference) before departure so you have time to finalize your own plans and make changes without any penalties.

Q: What items are required for the 40-day advanced notification? 
A: We can submit the form once your pet been microchipped, undergone the rabies antibody test (or FAVN test in The U.S.), and has had rabies vaccinations #1 and #2. We will also need your pet’s length and height measurements, even if you have a cat! Finally, you must provide your current home address, Japanese address, and scanned copy of your passport. 

Q: What happens if I need to change my move date? Do we need to submit an all new form? 
A: If you need to postpone your arrival date we can submit an official revision, but we cannot arrive any earlier. Please note that additional costs apply for any revisions to the 40-90 day notice!  

Final Thoughts! 
In the end, your pets’ departure date to Japan is contingent on many factors. Not only does the initial veterinary work determine the move date, but so does the advanced notification, your ability to provide the other items mentioned, and your own move date. Luckily, a big part of our service is guiding your through these steps and micromanaging this process on your behalf! 

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Please contact us if you have more questions about moving pets to Japan (or anywhere else), and happy traveling!


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