Just in Time for Carnaval - Pet Import to Brazil

Meet Jorge!!
Jorge is quite the world pet traveler. Born in Angola, Africa, Jorge has more pet travel experience than most humans!! After being found by his owner, Richard, Jorge relocated from Angola to the Ukraine and from Kiev to Pittsburgh US. As you can see, Jorge is enjoying all of the Carnival festivities and is relaxing before another crazy night. :)

For pet owners wishing to relocate themselves and their pet to Brazil, the Red Tape can be quite overwhelming. PetRelocation.com makes the process ten times easier on both the pet and pet owner when it comes to meeting these import requirements.

The first two steps with any pet relocation is to have the animal micro chipped and given an updated rabies shot. Many countries throughout the world require that the process be done in this order prior to anything else. The next step for import into Brazil cannot begin until 10 days prior to departure. At this time, an International Health Certificate needs to be issued by your USDA Accredited Vet. Once the vet completes this certificate it needs to be sent to the local USDA (or competent authority if traveling from outside the US) office in the state of issuance along with the animal's most current rabies vaccine certificate. The USDA reviews all documentation and endorses the health certificate making the animal eligible for EXPORT. Once the USDA has endorsed the certificate, it then needs to be sent, along with a $20 Money Order, to the closest Brazilian Consulate's office . They review the health certificate, rabies certificate, USDA Endorsement and place their official stamp on all documents making the animal eligible for IMPORT. Keep in mind, this all must occur within 10 days of departure. Imagine moving your household goods, car, kids, wine collection, and having to worry about the family pet within 10 days of your departure to Brazil!! Talk about anxiety!!!
As all customers of PetRelocation.com can attest, our services not only provide the safest route and travel conditions possible for each animal being relocated, but also have a vast experience and knowledge of import/export requirements for every country in the world. This is due to the fact that we have agents who deal with customs officers on a day to day basis. If there is a change or update to any requirements, we are kept in the "Know".


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