Laos: Shipping a Dog vs. Shipping a Cat

Laos is not one of the most popular destinations for shipping a dog but, nonetheless, the requirements and steps involved in doing so are pretty much relevant across the board for pets traveling to many of the various countries in the Asia/Pacific region of the world. You will need a Rabies Certificate, a vaccination history, a Health Certificate and an Import Permit. The procedure involved in obtaining the import permit is really the biggest variation between countries.

Recently I had a discussion with someone who was inquiring about cat shipping to Laos and he wanted to know if the requirements were different from those for shipping a dog. Apparently his local Laos Embassy had told him that an import permit was not required for cats. While local Embassies can be very helpful for certain things, they are usually not well informed when it comes to pet shipping and the country's import requirements for pets. Always remember to double check your resources and get a second opinion. Had this guy gone ahead and shipped his cat without an import permit, there could have been serious consequences assuming he would have even been able to check his cat in on the flight! Apart from the vaccinations that are required for dogs versus cats, cat shipping is really no different from dog shipping.


PetRelocation Team




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