Leaving The Home By the River: Pet Relocation for the Retiree

Most anticipate retirement with an eager attitude toward a part of life that has yet to be experienced and enjoyed. When that day finally comes, it is key that the retiree has all of his or her necessary ducks in a row.

Many retirees choose to relocate perhaps the large, old house by the river where they raised their kids is too big and too empty. Some find it necessary to move closer to their grown children and their growing grandchildren.

When it comes to retirees moving with their pets, there is usually quite a bit of anxiety surrounding the pet֒s well being during the move. Typically the pet is older and has been calmly living his life by the river as well. The family pet has seen almost as much as the retireechildren being born and then going off to college.
PetRelocation.com understands that the family pet is more than just another dog or catחhes a member of the family. We also understand that a relocation can sometimes be more emotionally difficult for retireesҗfor youre not just leaving a house but a home full of a lifetime of memories.

PetRelocation.com can help the retiree in many ways, including:

  • Door-To-Door Service: No need to navigate around a strange airport and cityҗPetRelocation.coms agents will pick your pets up right at your house and deliver them straight to your new residence.
  • Doorstep Crate Service: Many people donҒt have travel crates for their petsPetRelocation.com can help you find the right size and we will even order one (or two or four!) and have it sent straight to your residence, so you donגt even have to step off the porch.
  • Departure Boarding Services: Want to get a head start on your trip? Driving cross-country so you can see some sights? We can arrange to have your pets picked up at your house before you leave town and boarded in a local, PetRelocation.com approved boarding facility until you are ready for them.
  • Destination Boarding Services: Perhaps your drive took a little longer or your furniture hasnt arrived yet and youҒre staying in a hotel. Not a problem. Well pick your pets up from their flight and take them to a boarding facility until you need us to bring them to your residence. While they are there, we can arrange for grooming and day care services as well.

ItҒs hard to leave behind a family home full of memories and sometimes that transition can be a difficult one for pets as well. Let our caring professionals help ease you and your pets worries by helping everyone get settled in their new home. You might never forget the old house by the riverҗbut a new house and a new location simply means that many more new memories for you and your family.


PetRelocation Team




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