Living with dogs in London, England

The Land of the Queen, England is one country that draws hoards of people every year, some coming search of better prospects, while others for higher studies, there are those few who make it their home for family reasons. England is said to be where English language originated, and spread to the rest of the world. Famous for its architecture, national monuments, the National Museum and Churches are its pride.

Rich not only in its economy, the country boasts of some of the most recognized schools and universities that catch the eye of those wanting to make it big in life Harrow school, Cambridge and Oxford University to name the top in the list. A melting pot of sorts is how one can best describe England, home to people from various parts of the world - from neighboring Scotland to India to as far as America people inhibit this country thereby bringing with them a piece of their tradition and so England is a country where East meets west.

A country that is very proud of its roots also leaves a mark when it comes to religion or customs. The Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth and her family reside at the Buckingham Palace and in addition to England, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Bahamas also come under her rule. Talking about literature remember Charles Darwin, Jane Austen, and the world famous Harry Potter author J.K.Rowling? Charles Babbage, who was the inventor of computers? They are all from this part of the globe.

When you land in this country with your pet, you will notice that the city is well equipped with pet friendly cafes to the Kennel club where your pet will find more friends and maybe forget that he is in a new country. You can take your dog along with you while pet traveling on the tube or maybe play around in the famous Trafalgar Square or anywhere on the streets for that matter. Hampstead Heath, in central London, capital of England is ideal for dogs to walk or prance about; there are professionals who will be more than willing to take your dog out for a walk, incase you feel guilty about not being able to take him out. They will pick your dog up from your doorstep and deliver him back safe.

If you are the outdoorsy type, and enjoy spending time with your mate, imagine the amount of fun you will have trekking or camping out in the wilderness or its forests. Beware of the harsh winters and the incessant rains and make sure you are well prepared. A country that has changed a lot and yet lives in tandem with nature is what you see here.


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