Living with pets in Spain!

A country, which was away from being a holiday spot is now a hot spot for travelers. The country has twisting old streets, which suddenly open out to views of daring modern architecture. The old bars serving wine from barrel rub turns into glaring discos. The country has many surprises to offer as it has managed to save all the old culture and also brought in the new age activities. The tourists can enjoy a trip down the olden era in the day and chill out in the most happening discos in the evenings.



Very easy to travel with lots of accommodation options and a relaxed population this country attracts huge crowds around the year. The Spanish tango tomato is world renowned and people tomatoes are a specialty of this country. A lot tomato based products like sauces and puree are very good ways to make a living in this country.


The climate of this country encourages growing of fruits and vegetables. So the cuisine has wide variety of spices, vegetables, and fruits in it making it a rich experience for the tourists.



The climate is benign; the beaches long and sandy, and regional food is spicy and drinks enjoyable. The lovely hotels around the country offer a wide variety of food and also the Spanish drinks are loved across the world.

About 50 million foreigners visit this country in a year and they enjoy their vacation in this Spanish speaking paradise.



Dogs have a good life in pet friendly Spain and your pets are the source of conversation while you are on the street with your pet. Lots of people want to know more about your pet and many strangers are happy to finger behind the ears of any good-natured dog. The Spanish have an unmatched love for pets and it shows in the way they take care of their pets. So your buddy will certainly enjoy the attention he will get in this country. Of course he might end up helping you by attracting a few spicy friends towards you. Also the country has 24-hour clinics and its very easy to find a vet to take care of your animal.

A lot of farmers in rural areas of Spain hunt for foxes by leaving poisoned meat on the fields and so your pet must stay away from these. You have to take care not to allow your pet to run away and keep it leashed when outdoors.



The country has a lot of beaches which offer you stay and food and these can be the best option for you. It will just make sure that your pet travel and then stay in this country is enjoyed the most.


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