Living with Pets in Thailand!? - Are you and your pets planning on pet moving, or have already moved to Thailand?! If so, we have come up with a great local list of hot spots and locations that should offer you all a nice set of options when wanting to explore what Thailand has to offer!

Pet Stores:

There are several pet shops in Phuket, Thailand which supply pet food, kennels and accessories. A few also provide baths, grooming, spa and salon services for your pets. There are a few dog kennels breeding quality dogs and puppies for sale and also an international dog school with multilingual training.

Smaller pets such as hamsters, rabbits and reptiles are also available. As well as the pet shops, these can be found at various flea markets in Thailand.

Dog Kennels

Description: Quality dogs & puppies for sale
Address: 74 Rasada Rd.
A. Muang
Phuket 83000
Telephone: 076 264 485
Fax: 076 264 485

Raksatt Small Animal Hospital

Description: Provides medical treatment, pet food, kennels, baths, grooming, spa & salon services and pet accessories.

Address: 14/4 Maeluan Rd.
A. Muang
Phuket 83000
Telephone: 076 211 549
Mobile: 01 891 1582
Fax: 076 211 549



Animal Clinic 02 258 6751 (Suk soi 26)
St Louis Vet 02 286 6465 (South Sathorn)
Vet Suk 49 02 392 4360

Bangkok Zoos & Animal Parks

Bangkok is filled with places where kids can learn about animals or see them at play. Nowadays, you can get closer than ever before... Care to dive with sharks, play with butterflies in their natural habitat, wrap a python around your neck or ride a paddle boat in a crocodile-infested pond? All the thrills you can imagine can be found at the only Zoo in Bangkok and several animal parks. Though most of these places (except for Dusit Zoo) are located on the outskirts of Bangkok, all of them are well worth a day trip and guarantee a fun excursion for the whole family!

Dusit Zoo

Known locally as 'Khao Din', Dusit Zoo is Thailand's very first zoo, and has been a sanctuary to some 1,600 animals for more than 60 years. Covering a total area of 188,800 square metres, Dusit Zoo is a full-function animal park complete with facilities like an animal hospital, zoo museum and educational centre, sightseeing train, activity ground and cafeteria - to name but a few.

The park is huge so if you have limited time, it's advisable to strategise. The best way to do it is to take a look at the map, determine what you and your kids want to see, and go according to that plan. Alternatively, for a quick observation, hop on the tram ride, a mini-train that takes you around the park in a breezy 20 minutes (10 baht for kids, 20 for adults). If time is not your concern, an easy stroll in a clockwise direction is a guarantee that you'll see everything the park has to offer.

Bangkok's Animal Kingdom

Animals from far and wide are featured at the park. Different types of monkeys, hippopotamus, alligators, tigers, and lions together with rare breeds (for Thailand) like penguins, camels, wallabies, and kangaroos are kept here. Some of other highlights include African Savanna, the area where giraffes, ostriches, and zebras roam, Nocturnal House, Reptile House, Pheasants Aviary, Hawks Exhibit, Elephants House, and an impressive Play Land, where many rides are available for your children's laughs and giggles. The park also features impressive lakes, and at a very small fee, you can enjoy boat peddling and feed the fish at the same time!

Food is in abundance in the park. Highly recommended is the Food Centre, a large and convenient cafeteria where a great variety of local dishes and desserts can be enjoyed. There are also a 7 Eleven, a KFC, a Mama (instant noodles) stand, ice cream parlours, and refreshment kiosks dotted around the zoo. You can even bring your own food and have a picnic as there's plenty of shady gardens and benches.

Thanks to its convenient location, Dusit Zoo is within walking distance of Bangkok's many attractions. Standing tall and noble on the east side is Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, an impressive example of Italian architecture that's been used for several state and royal functions and ceremonies. Located in front of the throne hall is the Statue of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V), the first of its kind erected for a Thai King from funds raised by Thai citizens.

To avoid the heat, crowd and, at times, rowdy kids, try to visit the zoo early in the morning. The animals may not be as sprightly as they usually are in the afternoon but it's still a good fun.

Dusit Zoo
Location: Rama V Road, Dusit
Open: 08:00 - 18:00
Contact: +66 (0)2 282 7111-3 ext 128
Admission: Kids 50 baht, adults 100 baht

Crocodile Farm & Zoo

The world's largest crocodile farm and brainchild of Thailand's 'Crocodile King', Mr Utai Youngprapakorn, this is worth a trip just to witness the spectacular 'Crocodile Wrestling' and 'Acrobatic Elephant' shows held every hour. On top of the spectacle - keepers putting their heads into crocodiles mouths and the like - its also an education and research centre for the conservation of wildlife. As you'd expect, there's tonnes of snappy fresh and saltwater crocs, but there's also elephants, gibbons, lions and snakes. A Dinosaur Museum with life-size models of dinosaurs and skeletons is also on display. Strongly recommended for families!

Admission: 300 baht for adults, 200 baht for children
Location: 30 kilometres from Bangkok in Samutprakan. Go by organised local tour, or take a taxi or car
Contact: +66 (0)2 387 0020
Open: 07:00 - 18:00 (daily)

Safari World

Divided into two parks, Marine Park and Safari World, it's an ideal action packed day out. Ideal for kids.

Safari World is the only drive through open zoo in the heart of Bangkok, housing rare and endangered species from every part of the world. Drive your own car or take a ride on a safari mini-coach through eight kilometres of wilderness.

Marine Park offers a fun filled family day with seven amazing world-class animal shows and live action stunts. Shows include Orang-Utan Boxing, Sea-Lion Performances, a Western Cowboy Stunt Show, Bird show, Polar Bear feeding, Spy War Show - live action spectacular and a Jungle Cruise.

Highlights include:
Jungle Cruise River Adventure, a fun-filled flume ride through the tropical jungles of Africa and Asia with advanced animatronics and special effects.

Admission: Adults 400 baht, Children 300 baht
Location: Km. 9 Ram Indra Road
Strollers and wheelchair rental service available
Open: Daily from 09:00 - 16:30

Snake Farm

Set up to produce anti-venom serom for snake-bite victims nationwide, the Snake farm is the place to head in town for poisonous snakes, from Cobras, Malayan Pit Vipers, King Cobras, Banded Kraits, to Russell Vipers. All are 'milked' (their venom extracted). Lots of information and close-up encounters available. Best to go half an hour before showtime as there's a side show which explains about history of the snake farm and its function. Formerly the Pasteur Institute.

Admission: 70 baht
Location: Corner of Henry Dunant and Rama IV Roads
Open: 08:30 - 16:30 (weekdays); 08:30 to 12:00 noon (Weekends & holidays)
Shows Times: 11:00 and 15:30 (weekdays); 11:00 (weekends & holidays)

Bangkok Butterfly Garden & Insectarium

Don't imagine beautiful frozen sets of wings under display cases with Latin names pinned underneath. Here, you enter the huge and lofty enclosure with rockeries, shady ferns, wild flowers and a cooling waterfall - the insects' natural habitat. Within, many species of rare and beautiful winged creatures hide out. Over 500 butterflies grace the dome at any given moment. If you are really quiet and still, you may be able to lure one out of hiding and take a photograph. (Read more)

A perfect hideaway

Good news for those who grow weary of the slow-moving crowds and rambunctious goings-on of the nearby Chatuchak Weekend Market... Just round the corner from the market, no less than three parks can be found. Upon entering Chatuchack Park subway station, cross Chatuchack Park and turn right, pass the front of the market and turn left at Kampaengphet IV Road. In between Queen Sirikit Gardens and Rotfai Gardens lies the quiet enclosed sanctuary of the Bangkok Butterfly Garden and Insectarium.

Queen Sirikit Gardens, which lies between here and the Children's Discovery Museum, is a magnificent botanical garden with brightly coloured flower beds and old shady trees, all labeled in English, Thai and Latin. Meadows of wild flowers and immaculate landscape gardens with canopied benches, ponds and mazes all lend it a feeling of Alice in Wonderland. This can be an enchanting day of butterfly spotting, picnicking or bicycling through the expansive and picturesque gardens. Old fashioned bicycles can be rented for around 30 baht. You could literally get lost in here, so be sure to bring a bottle of drinking water and a hat.

Enter the realm

It is across these lands one must traverse to reach the realm of butterflies. Some of the pretties include the Golden Birdwing, Siam Tree Nymph and the Giant Silkworm Butterfly. An informative indoor display follows the fascinating lifecycles of these colourful insects.

Admission: Free (Bicycles can be rented for 30 baht a day)
Location: Rotfai Gardens, BTS Mochit, Chatuchak Park Subway
Open: 8:30 - 16:30 (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: +66 (0)2 272 4359

Chokchai Farm

Winner of a Tourism Industry Award for Outstanding Performance in agro-tourism, this American ranch farm offers all sorts of activities, from agro-tours to camping packages. Here you can try your hand at milking a cow, riding a horse, or making real farm-style ice-cream. They even have cowboy shows, believe it or not! If you like the idea of outdoor activities, yet don't want to venture too far into the wilderness, here it is. Just under two hours from Bangkok, it could make for a fun family outing.

Location: Phaholyothin Road (near Pakchong Junction)
Admission: Tours start at 250 baht
Contact: +66 (0)2 998 9381 ext 150 - 155

If you are planning on moving to Thailand, please make sure you follow the import requirements for transporting your pets! We will post hose in tomorrows blog or you can visit our website for more information.

Enjoy it all!


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