Los Angeles, California and Pets!

Los Angeles, CA


Sunny skies, long stretch of beaches and Hollywood brings to mind only one city in the whole world and that is Los Angeles, in the West coast of North America. The hub for technology, television and motion picture, this city sports the most number of reputed educational institutions. A city that has something for everybody, just relaxing in the sun or carrying out a business deal, it has facilities to service your needs. Some even refer to this state as the entertainment capital of America owing to the number of movies made and the music records cut every year or because of it being home to The Universal studios where most Hollywood movies are made.

It does not lag behind when we talk about architecture and historical spots, the Museums filled with rich history that speak volumes about the city and the transformation it has undergone, or the fun and happening night life at the casinos or its diverse cuisine which would satiate visitors from all parts of the world.

As you spend your days in this city, you will come across the infamous Hollywood Boulevard Walk of fame, the Hollywood bowl where most music concerts happen, an easy way to get around this city is by bus, saves a lot of time and you get to do some sight seeing as well. Some of the other not to be forgotten sights in this sunny city are the Disney world, fun for the entire family, the Getty museum and its beautiful breathtaking gardens, the Rodeo Drive where you could even spot a celebrity or two and of course the Beverly Hills with its posh houses and condominiums.

The city is filled with pet lovers, has many homes with pets, especially the furry mammal that attracts children, is also preferred by parents simply because it requires least care, silent and is very cute we are talking about the Hamster. The animal once upon a time used only in laboratories have since then become most popular pets and because of their tiny size, kept even at homes that donŒt have too much space. The cage holds all the necessary survival objects such as some saw dust for the Hamster to play in, a bowl of water, food, and a wheel for it to run around in, this being the only form of exercise it gets. They make ideal pets because even when the family is traveling, they can carry the cage along with them, without much of chaos, be it four-wheel drive or train. In case of air travel, prior permission is a must or if there are no pet travel airlines you can always leave them with a pet friendly friend or neighbor and not worry about him.


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