Lost Cat Found Five Years Later Thanks to Microchip

Even though microchips are not required in all situations when it comes to pet travel, we recommend them to all of our customers. It's simply a good idea to have a back-up plan in place; no one ever plans to lose their pet, but you never know when life will present you with something unexpected.

willow the catTake this news story, for example. Willow the cat escaped from her Colorado home five years ago, and thanks to her microchip (and the fact that her owners kept the information up-to-date), she was recently discovered living in Manhattan (that's over 1,800  miles away!). She'll soon be returned to her excited -- and somewhat puzzled -- owners, who are thankful they decided to safeguard Willow with the chip. (The cat's owner even says she'd microchip her kids if she could.)

Find out more about pet microchips (we've blogged about HomeAgain microchips and if they're ISO compatible) and read the full story of Willow the wandering cat.

(Photo by Bebeto Matthews/AP)


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