Lucy, Lucky and Paco’s Pet Move to El Paso

Name: Lynne
Pets' Names: Lucy, Lucky and Paco
From: Ennis, Texas
To: El Paso, Texas

I was very concerned about moving my three big dogs to a new location. They were used to some land to run around and had never really travelled before.

I couldn't bring them with me in my car, so I asked the moving relocation service, NewPath Relocation, for help. They referred me on to PetRelocation and the arrangements were made easily and with obvious concern for my pets' welfare.

The "kids" made the trip in one day and were absolutely wonderful when they arrived. They had been walked and given water during the trip, so they were not fretful or anxious.

They just got out of the crates (which was also a new experience) and calmly walked around. The best experience I could have imagined.

Thanks, PetRelocation.


PetRelocation Team




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