Many Thanks from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

Please ensure that you provide feedback and recognition to Rachel for the excellent service she provided for the recent relocation of our two cats, Casey and Koby, from Rhode Island, USA to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  We picked them up from their 7-day required quarantine in KL three days ago and we must admit from the first time we talked with Rachel until the time we picked up the cats from quarantine that everything was taken care of as Rachel had committed it would.  Aside from the small scare we had with Koby spiking a fever of 107°F two days before departure everything went off without a hitch.  And Rachel did not skip a beat when she found out the day before the cats were to depart that they would be delayed at least one week due to Koby's hospitalization.  She worked with multiple friends, family members and vets to ensure that all of the paperwork as again processed as needed to ensure no issues with documentation at either end with the one-week delay of departure.

Rachel understands the local laws and regulations of the country of import (in this case Malaysia) and certainly understands the concerns of pet owners during a move half way around the world.  Rachel is a great member of your staff and represents your company well.  We would be happy to provide a recommendation of your services in the future and will seek to use you when we complete our assignment in Malaysia.

Many thanks to Rachel and to! Thanks, Kim and Bill K


PetRelocation Team




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