Microchip Success Story!

Petrelocation.com - This story shows how important microchips can be as a way for reuniting pets with their owners. We always recommend pets be micro chipped, whether they are pet traveling internationally and the country requires it or moving domestically within the United States.

There are many brands of microchips available on the market these days - popular ones include Bayer's ResQ chip which is ISO-compatible, the AVID chips, and Home Again chips. It is best to consult with your vet and PetRelocation specialist in picking the right one for you and your pet. The procedure is simple and just like getting a regular vaccination between the shoulder blades. Even large animals like horses and exotic pets like birds can be microchipped!

An incredible story like the one about Rocco the Beagle is a proof that thanks to microchips, these stories can have a happy ending!

From the International Herald Tribune and the AP:

Beagle lost for 5 years, found 850 miles away.

NEW YORK: Rocco, a beagle that strayed from a New York City yard five years ago, has been reunited with his owners after being found 850 miles (1,370 kilometers) away in Georgia.

Randy Durrence, the supervisor at the Liberty County Animal Control in Hinseville, Georgia, told the New York Post that someone dropped off the pooch on July 5. A microchip embedded under Rocco's skin helped trace him to his family in New York ח Jorge and Cristina Villacis.

The couple's daughter, Natalie, who was 5 years old when Rocco disappeared, was ecstatic.

She told the Post: "I cried hysterically just like I did when they told me he was lost. I felt like I was in a dream."

Durrence says the shelter reunites many families with their pets but "it's unheard of" after so many years.


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