Monique’s Move and A Closer Look at Pet Travel to Brazil

monique the dogWe recently moved a beautiful Lhasa Apso named Monique from Brazil to Mexico, and so many of you took notice of her on the Facebook page that we thought we'd continue the conversation about international pet shipping!

Monique's travels went pretty smoothly with the help of PetRelocation Specialist Mike, who advises to start the move process well in advance. Every country has different import requirements, so whether you're hiring someone to help you ship your pets or are planning to handle things yourself, it's a good idea to map out the situation as soon as you know you're going to move.

Monique moved from Brazil to Mexico, but one of our Facebook fans also wondered about moving to Brazil. Since the Pet Import Requirements for Brazil look a little overwhelming at first glance, it's definitely recommended that anyone planning a move here allow plenty of time to fulfill the requirements.

Here are a few more basics about pet moves to Brazil:

-Pets must have an International Standard Microchip, current Rabies Vaccination Certificate and an International Health Certificate

-The main ports of entry are Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. If your final destination is somewhere other than these cities, it's still advisable to fly into one of these and then hire an agent to move the pet from there.

-Entry into Brazil requires a power of attorney and consular notarization. Check with the Brazilian consulate or a PetRelocation agent for more information about what this entails.

As you can see, moving a pet requires a lot of attention to detail and careful planning, but that's why we're here! For more information or for door-to-door help with your move, don't hesitate to contact us on, Twitter or Facebook.

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