Moving and Living with Cats in Egypt!

The country once famous for being part of the Seven Wonders of the World and its vast deserts is a hot spot for travelers, be it for a week or longer, they all want to visit Egypt to absorb the city and the life. From the days of Ancient civilization to the modern era, Egypt has something to offer for the thirsty souls yearning for some insight. Apart from The Great Sphinx, The Pyramid of Giza, the country has numerous artifacts and buildings created many centuries ago, not to forget the city of Luxor which also has its share of treats to offer.

Of all the countries in the African continent, pet friendly Egypt is said to be the most populous with a majority of its population living along the coastline of the NileRiver, which is world famous for being the longest river in the world flowing across 4000miles upto the Mediterranean Sea. During monsoon, the Nile is known to swell and flood the cities nearby thereby obstructing all farming; hence the seasons in the country are divided based on the Niles water movement.

A country where Islam is the primary religion, they are said to have migrated here owing to its reputation for being the harmonious country in the world. Their culture dates back to over 5000 years and today it has a healthy of mix of the ancient and modern western culture, influences from Europe and Middle East can be seen in the culture, and architecture.

This country draws the least amount of rain and for most months in the year the weather is dry and hot. So, if you are considering moving here from Northern Europe, you must keep in mind the climatic changes and the effect it would have on your feline friend, or dog. Make sure to have lots of liquid in their diet.

Egyptians worship the cat, for they are said to bring about good fortune and hence, every home will surely have at least one cat. In fact if a person caught responsible for the death of a cat, he is punished. At times, cats were given more importance than even its owners, incase of a fire or catastrophe, the rescuers would first try to rescue the cat. In olden days, cats were mummified and preserved after their death as if it was a family member who had passed on.

After cat travel, make sure to keep your cat indoors for a couple of days and then slowly introduce him to the outside pet friendly world of Egypt, and don't let him wander about too long. I am sure you are smiling reading this, knowing your kitty will be safe and protected and cared for.


PetRelocation Team




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