Moving Birds to Hawaii

Q. We are moving to Kauai, HI this December; I understand the State's quarantine restrictions/requirements; however, these are for dogs and cats. I am looking for information about my birds... is there a quarantine for importing birds into the state of Hawaii? -- Jennifer G., Romeo, MI

A. Hello Jennifer,

Moving a pet bird to Hawaii requires plenty of planning in advance. Hawaii is rabies-free which means that pets will need to fulfill a variety of import requirements prior to arrival in Hawaii. Luckily, the Hawaii Department of Agriculture has a great website that explains all of the requirements in detail. For the import of birds into Hawaii, please see the requirements here:

For pet owners who are considering arranging a pet move to Hawaii on their own, it is best to contact the Hawaii Department of Agriculture to make sure that their documents are in order.

A pet transportation service like PetRelocation can also facilitate the door-to-door transportation of your pet bird to Hawaii, including preparing the appropriate paperwork. Typically, door to door services for birds start at around $2500 USD for domestic moves. 



Contact PetRelocation for help with shipping your bird safely!


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