Moving Cats to Canada: Vassily and Sophie’s Move

Name: Juan
Pets' Names: Vassily and Sophie
From: Ann Arbor MI, USA
To: Vancouver BC, Canada was not the cheapest company we saw for moving our cats, but we chose it because from the very beginning the person we communicated with - Kyle - gave us a very good vibe. Throughout the whole process he would answer all of our questions in a most friendly and helpful way. We had the impression that we were well informed throughout the whole process, getting regular updates from Kyle the day the move took place.

When the cats arrived home (after a day of traveling, two flights, going through customs, etc...) they were cautious and a bit hyper, but right now, the morning after, they seem to be themselves again. If we need to relocate our cats again we will most certainly seek help from


PetRelocation Team




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