Moving Cats to Cold Canada!

Name: Karolyn
Number of Pets: 3
Pet Type: cats
Pet Breed: DSH, DLH
From: New Brunswick, Canada
To: Northern Canada (Yukon, Northwest Territories or Nunavut)

Hello, I am considering moving to the North of Canada for approximately a year. I have three cats who are indoor cats and do not want to move if I cannot take them with me. I was wondering if you would advise moving them to a northern climate, or if it would affect them negatively to do so.

Hi Karolyn!  This would definitely depend on whether you could keep them in climate control while you moved them.  If you could find an airline to take them to the Yukon, and if you could make sure they would be in climate control while waiting for their pet flight, then they would do just fine.  Also if you kept them inside once you moved they wouldn't have any issues adjusting to the climate.  But it can be very difficult to find pet friendly airlines in more remote parts of the world, so you'd definitely want to be sure you found a good quality pet travel service or airline to take them!


PetRelocation Team




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