Moving Cats to the Philippines?  No problem! - When we say "Any Pet, Anywhere, Any Time" we really mean it! Now maybe we should include "Any Number of Pets" in our company motto as well.
A few months ago we were contacted by a woman wanting to move back to the Philippines with the rest of her extended family. Among them, they had a total of twenty two cats and two dogs they wanted sent from the Houston, Texas area to Davao City, Philippines. I researched the airlines and flight options and with the help of some great people at Northwest Cargo, we were able to make it happen.
The first step the owners took was ordering twenty four SkyKennels off the internet. I sent them the necessary labeling for each crate, which they put on the crate when they put the crates together. They also took all their pets in for a preliminary health exam, where the vet cleared them to fly and also microchipped and vaccinated all of them.
I checked with my agent in Manila to make sure it would be okay to bring in such a large number of animals. There were additional import taxes but no regulations prohibiting sending twenty four pets into the Philippines at once. The key word there is "pets," as these were an individual's beloved animals, and were not used for any sort of commercial purposes. The Philippines does have restrictions on that many animals being imported commercially.
On the day of departure, we picked up the cats and dogs at 3:30 in the morning. The owner had them all ready to go in their crates. Then it was off to Houston Intercontinental where they departed on an early Northwest flight from Houston to Detroit. In Detroit they transferred planes and left on their second flight from Detroit to Manila, which had one stop in Nagoya, Japan (but no change of planes). Upon arrival in Manila, our agent cleared them through customs and took them back to their boarding facility where they were able to get out of their crates for a little bit and rest. They had Hydration Gel with them the whole way, so they were never thirsty, but they also offered them fresh food and water in Manila.
Then they left on their final flight, a domestic Philippine Air flight from Manila to Davao City. Our agent collected them at the airport in Davao and transported them straight to their owners, who were quite happy to see them after such a long journey!
From fourteen horses to Honduras to twenty two cats to the Philippines, no animal or shipment is too big for PetRelocation's team of specialists to handle! We enjoy the challenge and are happy to help.


PetRelocation Team




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