Moving dogs to Prague, Czech Republic

We recently moved a customer and their pet dog, Meggan to Prague, in the Czech Republic. She just replied with some answers to our common questions that we know many of our readers will also enjoy.

How was your experience finding pet care in your new country? Did you have a hard time finding a vet, boarding facility, pet food, etc?

The people that we rent our Flat from helped with locating a vet for Meggan. A couple of weeks ago, Meggan did get very sick. She contracted like a stomach flew. It was on a Saturday night, and she was sick all night. Sunday morning came and she wasn't getting better. The neighbor helped me take her to the vet and went with me to speak to the vet (no English). They gave her medicine to settle her stomach and an antibiotic. And, she is back to normal. The next day, I took her back to see the actual vet that owns the clinic and he does speak English to where we could actually communicate. Very good care. He said if I have any other problem be sure to call. They have emergency hours on the weekends and in the night time. Very pet friendly.

Any other suggestions, good finds or other pet friendly places you have found?

There are very nice pet shops and you can find most of what your pet will need. All of the markets (food stores) have a lot of choices on pet foods. Meggan is very particular on what she will eat. It has to small bite Pedigree Dog food.

How was your pet(s) reaction to the new environment? Do they seem to enjoy their new surroundings?

Meggan has adapted to Flat living very well. She seems to be very well adjusted. Our building has 6 families, and she likes everyone she sees. We have very good neighbors

What's your favorite local hot spot that you've discovered? A good restaurant, a beautiful overlook, a great dog park? We'd like to hear about it.

We don't really have a favorite spot, but Meggan's favorite thing to do is going for a walk around the big hospital we live near. It seems everybody walks their dogs around that big block. It is about a 2 mile walk around there

What are some things you miss the most about where you came from/the US? Do you miss a certain type of food or activity that you could only do here?

We actually came from China. I do miss living in a big house. We had a large house in China. When we move back to the US, Meggan will be in a large house.

If you had to relocate your pet(s) all over again, what would you do differently?

I think this was the best way for us to go. To get Meggan into Europe. The Pet Relocation was wonderful on getting all the proper paper work done and getting her back to me as soon as I could have her with us.

What was the best/worst part of your pet relocation?

The best part of the Pet Relocation was knowing that Meggan was being well taken care of. Of course, the worst part was the separation from my pet.

How long do you plan to stay in your new country? Do you plan to return to your country of origin, or do you have plans to move on to another location?

That is a difficult question to answer right now. We may be here another 2 years or we may go back to America this Spring. Our company has asked us to stay for 2 more years, but things could change over night.

Any other suggestions or helpful tips for pet owners living in your new country?

If you are not sure how to arrange pet care, just ask a lot of questions until you get answers. I have to pay a lot for pet boarding, but I think it is worth the money because Meggan is just like she is at home with Hana.


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